About Us

Founded in 2010, Acorn + Archer is a Nashville-based accessories line that strives to create unique wearable art while respecting the craftmanship and methods of years past. With an emphasis on harmonious proportions and balance, each design takes life as a sketch that is carefully translated into the appropriate medium by founder and designer Carolyn Burgess. Using primarily organic materials of wood, clay and leather, Carolyn focuses on bringing them together to create well-designed items with a commitment not only to quality but also to sustainability.
When not creating, Carolyn can be found seeking out an excellent iced latte or at her home in Nashville rearranging furniture like a mad woman.

+Our Products+


Our simple stoneware and porcelain forms take shape by hand from begninning to end. All pieces are high-fired in an electric kiln and our glazes are hand-mixed and applied by hand. They are designed to be beautiful, durable and easy to care for.


Due to the nature of wood, no two pieces are exactly alike. Slight variances in color and grain pattern are to be expected and may vary slightly from the item depicted in our photographs (unless noted).

It is important that we are all aware of our impact on the environment! Because of our care for the planet, we use reclaimed, repurposed, recycled and sustainably sourced materials as often as possible. The bulk of our wood supplies are salvaged from the cast offs of other regional wood artisans. All of our products are minimally processed (cut, drilled, dried, sanded) and conditioned using food safe oils, making it safe for your skin. We do not use polyurethanes or harsh chemicals as a finishing agent. Our jewelry retains the natural, organic look of wood and will stay beautiful longer if not subjected to prolonged exposure to water. If you do wish to recondition your jewelry, we recommend natural finishers such as bee's wax and/or butcher block oil. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Our leather accessories are screenprinted in in small batches and may have slight variances due to the nature of handmade products. Ink is heat set for durability.