Founded in 2010, Acorn + Archer is an eco-conscious accessories line based in Nashville, Tennessee USA. With an emphasis on harmonious proportions and balance - each design takes life as a sketch that is carefully translated into unique wearable art with play of proportion, shape and mixing of mediums by founder and designer Carolyn McKnight.

Using primarily organic materials of clay, wood and fiber - Carolyn focuses on bringing together natural materials and modern forms with a commitment not only to quality but also to sustainability. "My goal is to create artful accessories that are produced responsibly by respecting the planet and the materials it has given us to work with. Acorn + Archer started as a creative outlet, finding use for off-cuts of wood from my woodworker friends and a local guitar mill. These small pieces of Walnut, Spalted Maple or Rosewood would have otherwise been burned or discarded as trash. It thrilled me to create "art jewelry" and give life to these scraps! Through the years, I have transitioned into clay as my primary medium due to the calming nature of molding clay with my hands. I found that it is more rewarding to me to sit down and mold something out of essentially dirt and water, and I love the science that is involved with creating my own glazes and the transformation of dirt and water into functional art!""  

Since 2010, Acorn + Archer has donated frequently to causes such as Trees for the Future, a US nonprofit organization that has empowered rural groups to restore tree cover to their lands, protect the environment and help to preserve traditional livelihoods and cultures for generations. "This is just one of the ways we are reducing our carbon footprint."

Additionally, A + A uses soy-based inks, acid free paper sourced from sustainable forests and packaging made from recycled pulp board.

When not creating, Carolyn can be found seeking out an excellent iced latte or at her home in Nashville rearranging furniture like a mad woman.